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  Artists have always been among the first to reflect on the culture and technology of their time. Since the 1990’s to the early 21st century, the digital medium has undergone technological developments of unprecedented speed moving from the “digital revolution” into the social media era.

  UK based artist Richard Devonshire uses cutting edge technology to give a modern interpretation of fine art photography, painting, sculpture and drawing. He is creating a body of work which focuses on nature and its relationship with mathematics.

   Richard’s creative process involves creating textured 3d models, virtual cameras and lighting systems that mimic real world settings and characteristics. While the work suggests a form of photorealism their visual qualities also radically differ from that of photography and lends to a heightened level of detail implying unlimited possibilities.



2022    National Maritime Museum Greenwich Showcasing art film "The Silent World" ,working in collaboration with musician and multidisciplinary artist Jorge Verdin as part of Revitalisation Collective Action for the Oceans

2021    Art Folio - Digital  Gold Award - for  'Separation' artwork

Annual Publication " A curated collection of the World's most exciting artists."


2020   Broadway Gallery Letchworth Open Exhibition- . Letchworth Garden City UK ( Showcasing "A Beautiful Thought" ).


2019    VAO19 Overall Winner Exhibition at Chester Arts Fair, Chester, UK (Visual Art Open - UK and International Emerging Artist Award ) - Finalist: Showcasing "Swarm Intelligence".


2019    Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. London UK ( Showcasing two works: "The Language of Bees and "Artificial Intelligence" ).

2019    ICAS Fine Art Letchworth Garden City. UK

2019    Artbox Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland. (Showcasing "Collective Intelligence" on screen ).


2018    Chester Cathedral Chester, UK ( Visual Art Open - UK and   International Emerging Artist Award  - Highly Commended category. Showcasing "Exoskeleton" ).

2018    Stricoff Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA ( Showcasing "Map of Memories" on screen).

2017   London International Creative Competition. Finalist Showcasing five works "Fibonacci Sphere I-5" 

2017   Saatchi Gallery, London UK ( On screen as part of an ongoing exhibition. Showcasing "Crown of Thorns" )

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